There is one word explaining what we offer. Protection. We focus on protection of our clients’ interests throught good-faith reasoning and negotiations, litigation, dealing with appropriate authorities (e.g. Antimonopoly Agency, Prosecutor General’s Offices, etc.) - literally using any and all tools and remedies available to a laywer. Our court practice is exemplary with every lawyer handling more than 50 court cases at any given point in time. We find pride in solving problems and overcoming challenges in an out-of-court manner, unmistakably our "trademark" service. We measure our success based on exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our expertise lies with intellectual property rights, crises management, to include optimization and restructuring of debts, as well as protection of “predictable victims” -- businesses that found themselves involved in disputes with governmental authorities, those seeking protection of consumers’ rights in Russia, distributors having trouble with conclusion, fulfillment or termination of distribution agreements. This list is not exhaustive. We provide bespoke solutions to any problem a local or foreign company might be faced with while doing business in Russia.

Maxim Sosov

Background: MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), Master’s Degree in Economics. MGU (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Master of Laws. Expertise: Litigation | IP | Business |Insolvency | Crisis Management.

Maxim is a prominent Russian litigator selected for inclusion into 11th Edition of the Best Lawyers in Russia for his work in litigation -

+7 916 673 62 23

Anton Astashkin

Background: Moscow University at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Master's Degree in Criminal Investigations, Counter-Intelligence.
Expertise: Tax and Corporate Law | Banking | Exchange Control| M&As.

+7 901 578 74 28

Dmitriy Ugrumov

Background: Russian Academy of Economics named after PLEKHANOV. Master's Degree in Economics. Academy of Labor & Social Relations. Master of Laws.

Expertise: Litigation |Administrative Law | Customs Law | Business | Labor Law.

+7 985 998 76 43

Denis Ivanov

Background: Moscow State Academy of Law. Master of Laws.

Expertise: Litigation | Law Enforcement | Family Law | Real Estate Law.

+7 916 351 02 58

Alexander Shmuratov

Background: Russian New University. 10+ years of service in the Russian judicial system, including IP Court of Russia.

Expertise: copyrights, patents, protection of IP rights, antimonopoly law. 

+7 926 143 63 97

+7 495 748 88 58

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